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Ansell Cares is a global initiative that aims to inform the healthcare community of the best practices and current guidelines and standards from around the world.

Our goal is to ensure that the most recent information is in the hands of the healthcare provider to help enhance their safety and the safety of their patients. As part of this objective, our representatives can visit your workplace and provide your team with a presentation on some key areas currently affecting healthcare workers.

The following In-Service Presentations are available:
  • Chemical Allergy Masquerade

    Understand the difference between latex and chemical allergies. The potential for Allergic Contact Dermatitis and it’s complications for healthcare workers and effective strategies to reduce the risk of chemical allergies.

  • Latex Allergy

    Use of powdered gloves made with natural rubber latex (NRL) has contributed to allergic reactions in patients ad healthcare workers. Understand the incidence, causes and symptoms of latex allergy and identify strategies to reduce the associated risks.

  • Double Gloving

    Perioperative staff are at increased risk of blood borne infections. Examine improved gloving strategies to protect staff in the operating room.

  • Hand Hygiene and Skin Care

    Healthcare- Associated Infections (HAIs) lead to significant mortality and financial losses for health systems. Learn the best hand hygiene practices to reduce the potential adverse effects to healthcare worker’s skin.

  • Hazards of Glove Powder

    Is glove powder necessary with improved glove technology and when patients and healthcare workers are placed at unnecessary risk.

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