Pressure out of Positioning

ProForm™ Patient Positioners

Reduce the risk of pressure injuries in your operating room

With an innovative anatomical design that redistributes weight and pressure, SANDEL ProForm Patient Positioners offer improved pressure relief compared to traditional foam positioning products.1 ProForm positioners are ideal for maintaining proper patient positioning while helping reduce the risk of pressure injuries and potential nerve damage.

Supine Head Positioner Contoured - Item #4100

  • Designed to provide support under the neck to redistribute pressure
  • Shape provides head stability for ENT & Ophthalmic procedures
  • Made of memory foam

Prone Head Positioner - Item #4150

  • Designed with groove to allow clear, bilateral view of the eyes
  • Narrow neck on intubation tube channel to allow clear view of intubation tube around the mouth area
  • Contours under forehead and chin redistribute weight

Supine Head Positioner - Item #4120

  • Ergonomic shape provides even support along the neck line
  • Made of memory foam

Heel Protectors - Item #4400

  • Wedge under Achilles tendon lifts foot slightly off the mattress surface
  • Opening under heel helps reduce pressure and provides air circulation
  • Support under Achilles tendon helps prevent leg rotation
  • Support around longitudinal arch helps prevent drop foot

Arm Cradles - Item #4300

  • Flexible elbow joint does not buckle under the medial epicondyle bone

Ulnar Nerve Protectors - Item #4200

  • Contoured to the patient’s elbow and ulnar notch, reducing pressure under the ulnar nerve
  • Made of memory foam

O.R. Body Wedge - Item #4500

  • Curved surface provides added support



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1. Redistributing weight is a known method for reducing pressure from bony prominences. Overall pressure reduction is known to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers. Test data indicates that overall pressure of ProForm products are lower than that of traditional foam positioning products. Data on file.
2. Memory foam is used in the SANDEL supine head positioners and ulnar nerve protectors.